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Using handmade sculptural elements, the girl superimposes dramatic narratives onto the all-natural landscape, resulting in deceptively simplistic but mystical and fairy-tale-like images. Your works, which in turn appear in her recently self-published book, "Into the Woods," are generally shot by means of together with dichotomies: the actual tangible forest juxtaposed against the huge unknowns associated with space, darkish shadows studded together with glittery starlight, elements associated with urban lifestyle versus wildlife.

"Some individuals discover the function gorgeous along with evocative and others believe it is darkish as well as disturbing," your woman says. "It's excellent for me they realize that variety. The Woman's 2012 series, "Dwellings," depicted dense, cave-like huts produced involving sticks and also leaves nestled into the trees; "Come Using Me," inside 2011, featured elegant pathways regarding painted leaves along with paper, snaking via your dirt.

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For your ex nearly all recent work, "Stars," Davies shot woodlands inside the south of England -- mostly in her own childhood home, the particular New Forest -- after which digitally layered the actual photographs using high-resolution starscapes taken with NASA's Hubble space Telescope. The Actual forest is actually laden with meaning then there is a new specific purposeful ambiguity in the images -- to ensure that individuals could draw their own narratives."

Growing up throughout England, fine art photographer Ellie Davies spent afternoons frolicking in the forest using your ex twin sister, Rebecca -- they played hide-and-seek, got blissfully lost inside the dimness, cycled and foraged for wild mushrooms along with exotic plants.. Davies, whose work is exhibited inside galleries inside Paris, London as well as the Netherlands too as in art fairs across the world, welcomes these contradictions.

That magical landscape is now each Davies' artistic inspiration and practical studio space -- a place exactly where the lady even now gets lost, yet now in your ex own artwork

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